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If your patio is begging you for an upgrade, or are you looking to create a new outdoor living space, a concrete patio is the ideal installation. Concrete is no longer just dominating driveways and sidewalks constructions. It has also become a popular material for homes and commercial sites and for good reason:


a) With many decorative and flexible shape design finishes, concrete patios are ideal for homeowners who want unlimited design potential.

b) When compared to wood decks, pavers and natural stone, a concrete patio is also more durable and requires less maintenance.

c) Concrete patios allow homeowners to seamlessly blend interior and exterior living spaces, giving you more space and lifestyle options.

d) Save money without sacrificing style. The lower price tag compared with other materials, combined with the wide array of patterns and colors available, makes concrete an economical choice for most budgets.


There's a lot to consider when it comes to planning your patio installation which is why we've put together this helpful guide:

1. SET YOUR BUDGET. Your budget should include: site preparation, slab pour & finish, support beams, roof styles or other shade options, weather protection from wind and rain, furnishings and other add-ons specific to your design plan.

2. OBTAIN QUOTES. Your installer should be licensed and insured. You should also understand the structural warranties, start date, and expected duration to complete the project.

3. APPROVALS. Check if your project is subject to council approval before construction commences.

4. LOCATION & SIZE. Your land size, budget, and council regulations will play a role in this decision, as will privacy and lifestyle - are you planning an intimate patio for two, or space to entertain?

5. DRAINAGE. A well-designed drainage system is essential in the prevention of water-related damage to the home.

6. DESIGN & STYLE. In addition to deciding on the finish which suits your design needs. If your property slopes, do you need to include a concrete retaining wall or steps? It's also important to coordinate the design of your new patio with existing and planned elements in mind such as garden, pool, swing set, shed, BBQ, firepit.

7. CONCRETE FINISHES. Troweled, broom, exposed aggregate, salt, stamped concrete, stained, polished concrete, painted.

8. ENCLOSURES. Enclosures can serve many purposes to your patio; enhance your privacy, add a design element, sound or weather protection. The first step is to decide if you're looking for a fixed or retractable option, this applies to your vertical space and patio roof. The material you opt to install will depend on a range of factors such as budget, the style of your home, where you live, and your lifestyle. It's also important to understand how your roof selection will protect you in the extreme heat of summer.


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