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  • Use a paint specifically designed for flooring

  • Use an outdoor appropriate paint

  • Use masonry or concrete primer and paint

  • Follow the right painting method

  • Apply a sealant to the concrete

  • Decide if you will include a feature pattern

  • Measure your surface to ensure you purchase the right amount, factoring the one or two coat product recommendation

  • Do use test pots. This is a great way to ensure when dry, the colour is right for you

  • Understand the different types of paint including oil, water-based, and what is required to clean your tools at the end of your project

  • Create a shopping list, remember to include drop sheets, painting tools and cleaning products

  • If it's your first paint project - it's good to watch a DIY video before you start


  • Paint the concrete without repairing and cleaning it, plus leaving to properly dry before painting

  • Start your project without all the right tools

  • Start your project without checking the weather forecast

  • Forget to keep kids and pets away from freshly painted surfaces and leave a sign for potential visitors to stay off wet stairs


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