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Updated: Sep 11, 2021

1. Safety should always be your first priority - wear a dust mask, protective eyewear, and use a stud metal and live cable detector before you start drilling.

2. Don’t drill too close to concrete edges - if you do, you risk unwanted chunks breaking off.

3. Mark your drill spot using a pencil, consider the hole depth required - a trick is to tape your drill bit to keep track of depth while drilling.

4. Not all drill bits are the same. When drilling into concrete, use a masonry drill bit and make certain you're using the right size bit for the circumference needed.

5. You can use a standard drill, but a hammer drill will make the task easier.

6. When drilling your hole, avoid drilling at high speed to start - low speed gives you better control to avoid unwanted surface damage.

7. Once you finish drilling, vacuum out unwanted dust.

8. To hold your screw firmly in place, drive a plastic plug n first. If hanging heavy items, you should use an anchor screw.


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