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Updated: Jul 19, 2021

1. If you’re replacing a letterbox, dig out the existing letterbox.

If you are installing on a newly built property or relocating your letterbox, look at your property plans or contact your utility providers to avoid potentially hitting water, power cables or other utilities. Secondly, look at your local council and postal service provider guidelines. If you’re an Australian resident, click here for Australia Post Guidelines.

2. What size letterbox post do I need? Given the elevation of the letterbox slot should be between 90 cm and 120 cm above the ground, and you need at least 30 cm of the post to concrete in the ground, your post will need to be between 120cm to 150 cm in length.

3. Using a post hole digger, or shovel to dig your post hole. Dig your post hole approximately 40cm deep, this allows for 10cm of gravel for drainage. The concrete needs to stay wet in order to cure properly, therefore, after digging your post hole, soak it, allowing the water to drain into the soil.

4. Position your post in the middle of the hole and use a spirit level to make certain it is vertically level. To assist in keeping the post in position whilst pouring concrete, drive stakes into the ground angled to support the post.

5. To determine the amount of concrete required, use an online calculator or take the depth and width measurements to your local hardware store. Use quick setting concrete and follow the packaging directions before pouring your concrete.

6. Leave the concrete to set for 24hours before attaching your letterbox.


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