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Installing a Fence? Here are our top construction considerations

1. SECURITY & PRIVACY. Consider how tall you would like your fence, and does this fall within the guidelines of your local council? Also, consider if you will be adding a doorbell with a camera for security purposes and how this needs to be planned in the construction process.

2. NOISE REDUCTION. Particularly if you live in a high traffic area, concrete is a great noise barrier.

3. PRACTICAL FACTORS. Will you be installing an electric gate or side door access? Will your post box be built into your fence design?

4. DESIGN & STYLE. Deciding on style can be mind-boggling, which is why magazines and Pinterest are a great option for design and style inspirations.

5. COUNCIL APPROVAL & PERMIT REQUIREMENTS; Including where should we build the fence? A dividing fence will usually go on the common boundary line between two neighbouring properties. For NSW residents, learn more at LawAccess NSW. Do you need to, or wish to notify neighbours? Does your council have any other permit requirements?

6. ARE THERE ANY UNDERGROUND UTILITIES PRESENT? Including electrical wires and water pipes.

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