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1. BUDGET. To manage your project budget, list all possible costs and factors which may impact; size, excavation/soil removal, thickness, style & finish.

2. SAFETY. Consider utilities such as underground electrical and water pipes to avoid dangerous situations and unwanted expenses. For steep slope driveways, it's important to consider anti-slip options and possibly side path steps for safe walk access, particularly on wet weather days.

3. LAYOUT. Shape & Width: Straight, circular, L-shaped, or other design? Your land specs will likely influence your shape and width choice. You will also need to consider council guidelines, and easy access options for the individual, family members and guests needing to enter and exit safely and with ease throughout the day.

4. FINISH & STYLE. Concrete is a great low maintenance option for your driveway, which offers a range of stunning finishes and designs to compliment your individual needs.

5. BOUNDARIES. If alongside your neighbours property, establish the accurate location of your property boundary before commencing your project install.


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