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Concrete is a highly durable material, however, everyday wear and tear, exposure to chemicals, and even extreme temperatures can all take a toll on concrete surface. Here are FIVE easy steps to repairing damaged concrete surfaces.

1. IDENTIFY MINOR VS MAJOR REPAIRS. Minor repairs are those which impact the aesthetics, not the structural integrity of your concrete. Minor repairs include small cracks, holes, chipped or spalling surfaces.

2. MAKE A LIST OF MATERIALS & TOOLS REQUIRED. In order to start your shopping list, you'll first need to establish your project size (length, depth and height), you will need to select a suitable concrete for your project, and make a list of tools for either mixing, applying, finishing your concrete.

3. SAFE WORK. Before starting any project, ensure you have taken every safety precaution, including wearing safety glasses and gloves to protect your skin.

4. PROJECT PREPARATION. Clean out any loose particles using a scraper, and/or hard bristle brush, and for dust particles, use a vacuum.

5. CONCRETE REPAIRS. Once your surface is completely clean, ensure all your tools are on site. Mix your concrete (unless using pre-mixed concrete). Apply concrete using a trowel, shape and smooth, and leave to dry.


- Broom

- Darby

- Edger

- Groover

- Magnesium float

- Rubber gloves

- Safety glasses

- Screed

- Steel trowel


- Like all projects, understand the timeframe it will take to complete.

- Make a list of tools.

- Check weather forecast.

- Use the skin and eye protective wear.

- Seek non-toxic, user-friendly and environmentally safe product options

- It's also a good idea to put up "wet concrete" signs around your project.


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