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Updated: Sep 11

1. LOCATION. Decide on location & available space.


3. BUDGET. To manage your project budget, add all possible costs - once you have a written quote you are happy to go with, add it to your budget plan.  

4. DESIGN. When considering the design of your shed there are three main factors to consider:

  • Aesthetics (style/colour)

  • Specs (W, L, H). In addition to available land space, what is the purpose of your shed and your needs for internal design? Is it a simple garden shed, workshop shed, or a storage shed requiring built-in cupboards/ shelving?

  • Material: If you're looking for a highly durable, low cost, and low maintenance option, steel sheds are a great option.

5. SLAB. Organise the installation of your shed slab. Ensure the contractor your use is licensed and insured.

6. CONSTRUCTION. Before purchasing your shed, consider delivery costs and construction. Will you be putting the shed together or does the seller offer an installation service? If you are constructing the shed - put together a list of tools you require, check the weather forecast and do an inventory of the DIY shed package delivered.


- If the intended location of your slab is prone to large water puddles during the wet season, consider adding extra drainage.

- Will you require a pathway to your shed?

- Is excavation required to prepare the location?

- Is your slab in a difficult to get to location requiring a line pump?

- How long does the concrete need to cure before you start shed construction?

- Factor in the time required for waterproofing your concrete floor.

- If you are demolishing an old shed, add removal costs to your budget plan

Contact PIERCRETE GROUP for all your concrete needs. Our highly professional and experienced tradesmen are fully licensed and insured.

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