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1. BUILDING APPROVAL. Before you do anything else, contact your local council to obtain building guidelines.

2. BUDGET. Planning your budget includes listing all associated building and landscape costs, bank interest/payment terms. If this project is intended to generate a rental return - it is recommended you add a buffer of at least 6 months in the event rental income is delayed, and always factor additional utility costs into your budget planning.

3. LOCATION. Is your granny flat going to be attached, or detached from your main house? In addition to council regulations, it's important to access points, outdoor entertaining space, and parking options for both structures, and if these will be shared or kept separate for privacy purposes.

4. DESIGN PLAN. Create a list of design requirements; start with available land size, number of rooms (bed, bath, kitchen, living room). Other inclusions (air-conditioning, flooring, appliances, electrical point planning, antenna). If it's not in your quote price, add it as an extra to your budget plan.

5. OBTAIN QUOTES. List the business name, type of work (concrete/builder), contact details. Create a quoting checklist to ensure you are accurately comparing prices; in addition to design features, does the quote include land grading/ levelling, slab pour, pathways.

6. DUE DILIGENCE. Conduct Google review searches before signing a contract. How long has the company been in business? What is the structural warranty? Establish how long the quote is valid. Confirm payment terms. Obtain copies of licences and insurances if you are seriously considering signing a contract.

7. INVESTMENT ASSESSMENT. If this project is intended as an investment vs extension of living space for a family member - consider potential capital gains tax implications, payback period (rental return on investment + interest). Added value to your property resale value and if 1or 2 bedrooms are in higher demand - comparing rental return.


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