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Updated: Apr 24

There are several reasons for setting a post in the ground, this includes the installation of a swing-set, basketball hoop, hammock, clothes line, letter box, or fence, to name a few.


  • Quick set concrete

  • Safety Equipment: Eye protection, gloves, mask

  • Post Hole Long Handle Shovel

  • Crowbar or post hole digger (auger)

  • Spirit level

  • Tape measure

  • Mixer drill (optional)

  • Bracing and clamps to hold the post steady


  • HOLE WIDTH. Should be two times the width or diameter of the post

  • HOLE DEPTH. The depth should be a third of the post length in the ground

  • CONCRETE. The formula for volume is as follows: length x width x thickness - we recommend using an online concrete calculator, which make this step easier.

PLACE THE POST INTO THE HOLE If needed, use clamps and timber to brace posts in position. Alternatively, another person can hold the post in place. Make sure they are level

CONCRETE MIX For setting posts into the ground, we recommend using Quick Set Concrete. Follow the concrete mix instructions outlined on the pack . (READ IMPORTANT NOTE BELOW BEFORE YOU START MIXING CONCRETE).

MIXING CONCRETE METHOD BY HAND If mixing concrete by hand, you can mix concrete in an old wheel barrel, large bucket, or on an old tarp.

  • If using a tarp, spread it out on the ground

  • Measure out the materials for your concrete mix

  • Make a deep crater in the pile and add water

  • Using a shovel, fold the mix in from the sides

  • Continue to fold inwards and "chop" the pile to distribute water through the mix

MIXING CONCRETE METHOD USING A MIXER DRILL A mixer drill will make the task of mixing concrete less labour-intensive. You can mix concrete in an old wheel barrel or large bucket

  • Measure out the materials for your concrete mix

  • Gently move the drill and accessory all the way to the bottom of the bucket and around its sides until it is thoroughly mixed. If it is too thick, add more water. If it is too thin, add more concrete. When the desired consistency is reached, you're ready to pour the mixture.

PLACE CONCRETE INTO THE HOLE IMPORTANT NOTE: When using quick-set concrete, make sure all your posts are braced and ready. Quick Set Concrete will harden in 15 minutes or even faster on a hot day.


  • If your project requires several posts to be installed, as would be the case for the installation of a fence, we suggest calculating your time, equipment hiring costs and materials, compared with quotes from an experienced, licensed and insured contractor.

  • If installing fence posts, ensure you have accurately determined the boundary line.

  • Consider if this is a two person task, especially when needing to carry heavy posts and equipment.

  • Before digging holes, even for a simple install such as a letterbox post, check plans to avoid hitting water pipes or electrical wires.


Contact PIERCRETE GROUP for all your concrete needs. Our highly professional and experienced tradesmen are fully licensed and insured.

For quote requests and enquiries E: admin@piercretegroup.com.au


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