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Updated: Mar 13

With Summer just around the corner, it's the perfect time to put together your "home maintenance checklist"

1. INSPECT EAVES. Looking worn? A fresh coat of paint can save your timber from becoming waterlogged. Waterlogged eaves will lead to a costly need to replace.

2. CHECK FOR LEAKS. A small leak could lead to a major problem. Inspect leaking taps (internal & external), damp floor, walls, concrete slab, roof leaks, guttering leaks, check for mould.

3. GUTTERS & DOWNPIPES. Inspect for rust, cracks, and clean from leaves/dirt build-up. Clogged gutters may cause overflowing water to saturate the ground beneath them. Pools of water can form and penetrate cracks and pores in the concrete and deteriorate the foundation. If this is prolonged and extensive, structural damage may occur.

4. DRIVEWAY & PATHWAYS. You'll notice an instant improve the look of your home by giving your driveway & pathway a good clean. Remove weeds, high pressure clean, paint, and/or seal. If you notice large cracks, exposed metal or other more serious damage, give us a call to assess.

5. DOORS & WINDOWS. You might need to give a fresh coat of paint, seal cracks, or fix fly-screen mesh to stop nasties coming in during the hot summer days.

6. REPAIR RUST. Inspect clotheslines, gates, window and door frames and metal posts. In addition to protecting these items, you are also preventing potential damage to surrounding concrete, given rust creates an expansion in metal, this expansion creates tensile stresses in the concrete, which can eventually cause cracking, and spalling.

7. FILTERS - Clean your air-conditioner, washing machine, dryer, pool, bathroom and range hood exhaust fan filters. Check water filter replacement date. Some of these are likely to require more frequent TLC.

8. SAFETY - Inspect decks, pool safety locks gates, patios, porches, stairs, railings and outdoor play equipment for loose parts or wear and tear.

9. VEGETATION CONTROL. Inspect tree roots to ensure they are not causing structural damage. Trim back leafy trees to prevent unwanted stains on your concrete, reduce risk of blocked drains and mess.

10. SOLAR CLEAN & INSPECTION. A clean and maintenance check could save you hundreds in electrical bills.

Article courtesy of Trending Lifestyle Magazine.


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